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Saransk International Airport

Passengers of special categories

Passengers with disabilities

Airport Saransk offers passengers with disabilities personal assistance while in the terminal, landing and disembarking from the aircraft. We will try to make your stay at the airport as comfortable as possible and provide everything necessary for this, including a wheelchair.

The technology for servicing passengers from among disabled people and other persons with limited lives corresponds to the requirements laid down on the basis of the Air Code of the Russian Federation "dated 19.03.1997 No. 60-FZ, Order No. 25 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of 15 February 2016" On Approval Procedure for the provision of passengers with disabilities and other persons with disabilities in airports and in the aircrafts", Order No. 82 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of June 28, 2007," On Approval of Federal Aviation Regulations ". General Rules for Airlift of Passengers, and-drywall, freight and passenger service requirements, shippers, consignees, "Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation from 15.02.2016g. №24 "On approval of the procedure for providing passengers with disabilities and other persons with limited life services in airports at air courts", Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EC) No 1107/2006 of 05.07.2006 "On the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Persons with Disabilities" limited mobility, traveling by air. "

Make a request in advance

Attention: when booking and buying a ticket, be sure to tell us what special services and assistance you will need at the airport and during the flight. The need for these services should be reported to the Air Carrier or the Ticketing Agent at the time of booking, but no later than 48 hours before departure.

When applying, you need to inform:

  • date and flight number;
  • the name of the airline;
  • the nature of the restrictions (disability);
  • the presence of a wheelchair, its dimensions, the ability to transform, the presence of a battery;
  • the presence of crutches or a guide dog;
  • contact information;
  • what services you need *.

* Check the list of possible services in the airline.

Before departure

If for any reason during the booking you did not notify the Airline for special needs tickets or you would like to do it yourself, you can always contact our specialist of the Transportation Service Department and inform about your needs:

By phone: +7 (8342) 28-17-94

By e-mail: sop_wb@mail.ru

From transport to the terminal

Our staff will be happy to help you and escort you from the transport on which you arrived at the airport to the aircraft.

Upon arrival at the airport in Saransk, please contact us at +7 (8342) 46-23-45, tell us your location and we will send agents to assist you.

Airport services

  • Check-in and check-in outside the queue;
  • use of a wheelchair to move around the terminal and for landing in an airplane;
  • delivery on a separate transport to the aircraft;
  • medical support when traveling to the aircraft;
  • necessary medical assistance during stay at the terminal;
  • when arriving meeting on a separate transport for delivery to the terminal;

Also for your convenience at the airport there are:

  • specially equipped bathroom;
  • ramps;
  • specially allocated places in the parking of the station square.

Departure. Сheck in.

If the disabled passenger is unable to pass the required formalities on his own, the airport "Saransk" organizes a full service, including registration at the health center with the registration of all necessary documentation for this. Pre-flight inspection of passengers of this category takes place in the health center.

From the terminal building to the airplane

  • delivery of a passenger with disabilities to the aircraft on a separate bus, specially equipped with a ramp;
  • boarding is performed first of all, separately from other passengers;
  • after the departure of the aircraft, the airport informs the arrival airport of the presence of this category of passengers on board the aircraft through the representatives of the airline or by means of communication.

Traveling with an individual wheelchair

If you travel with your own wheelchair, please, notify the airline carrier of its size, weight and any other characteristics.

For safety reasons, electric wheelchairs with rechargeable batteries require special transportation conditions, which must be clarified with the airline carrier.

Personal service

Our airport has wheelchairs that you can use when you arrive at the airport, when you check in and go on board. We can also provide you with a wheelchair if you want to put your own one in your luggage when passing the registration procedure for the flight.

Guide dogs

  • the conditions for the guide dog to travel in the cabin of the aircraft must be specified by the airline carrier;
  • when registering for a flight, the documents confirming the official status of the dog are checked;
  • for transported animals, there are restrictions on size and weight, according to the rules of the airline.

Visually impaired and hard of hearing passengers

If you need help at the airport, please contact the health care staff.

All passengers with complete lack of hearing and vision, necessarily travel with an accompanying person.

Upon arrival to the airport of Saransk

Upon arrival at Saransk airport, you will be met by the staff of the transportation service organization, will assist with boarding the aircraft, and will also help you get luggage and, if necessary, will guide you to the transport.

About the planned air travel, please inform the airport staff in advance at +7 (8342) 46-23-45

Unaccompanied children

When sending children between the ages of 5 and 14 without accompanying adults, you must contact the airline in advance and complete all necessary documents.

The entire responsibility for the child for the time of his flight from one airport to another lies with the airlines. Until the time of departure at the airport, one of the parents or guardian must be at least 18 years old. An adult must have a document proving his identity.

Prior to the commencement of the flight, an unaccompanied child must be registered for the flight and receive further instructions at the check-in counter.

For more information, please contact the airport help desk by phone: +7 (8342) 46-22-89

Pregnant women

Pregnant women belong to a special category of passengers, therefore, it is possible to fly pregnant women by airplane from different airlines if there are at least 5 weeks left before the estimated delivery time.

At the same time, to the standard documents for the flight, the pregnant woman must attach a medical report on the absence of medical contraindications to air transportation or provide a permit for air travel from the attending physician. The listed documents must be presented at the time of registration.